About Our Firm

Attorney Jasen Nielsen strives to get excellent results for fair prices with great customer service. I handle both felonies and misdemeanors, including complex and simple offenses. I am aggressive when necessary, creative, and tireless in my pursuit of the best outcome in every case, small or large.

To represent you the best that I can, I listen to your story, knowing that the best source of information about your case is you, not just a police report.  It is my priority to find out the facts of your case, and to combat the usually misleading version of the facts being presented by the prosecution. As a former prosecutor, I know that officers are trained to only include information in the police report that makes you look guilty, a fact to which they will testify.

I am skilled in strategic analysis of your case, and work with you to communicate our strategy going forward. Your case may have valid legal issues that can be litigated that will result in favorable rulings for you, such as a motion to suppress evidence, challenging the legality of your arrest. If appropriate in your case, I will write and file strong legal motions and know how to conduct the appropriate hearings.

In the event that your case must go to trial, I have extensive experience in both selecting and communicating with juries, and in forcing the prosecution to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. If it appears that trial in your case would be an expensive exercise in futility, I have equally extensive experience in presenting mitigating facts and circumstances that may result in sharply reduced charges and punishment. My commitment is to you and your case and to obtaining the best possible outcome.

Personal Attention

Attorney Jasen Nielsen personally handles every one of his cases, developing a unique and custom strategy for each of his clients. He is diligent in pursuing every avenue when approaching your case, with the goal of getting you the best outcome. He has years of experience helping hundreds of clients facing criminal charges, and over 60 5 Star reviews as a testament to his success.

Experience Gets Results

Once you’ve been arrested, the government is trained to punish and sentence you to the maximum. Criminal defense attorney Jasen Nielsen uses his inside information as a former prosecutor to get you the best results. He has the skills and legal knowledge to fight, the seasoned experience to mitigate, and the wisdom to know the difference. If you or a loved one have been charged with a crime, call today.